Weekend Significance


Can I share something I did this weekend that was particularly satisfying and significant?
I planted a tree.  Sounds pretty simple and boring?  Not to me.
I decided to plant a Winter King Hawthorne in my front yard right in front of Patricia’s window.  Here’s some of the long-term consequences of that seemingly simple act:
– The shade will cool Patricia’s (my daughter) room from the hot sun and in turn, the rest of house.  Effect increases as it grows.
– Patricia will enjoy the beautiful white flowers in the Spring, the red berries in the fall and winter. So will I. And others who take the time to notice.
– Birds will take refuge in the thorn filled-branches, safe from predators.
– Bees will enjoy the abundant blossoms each spring and take the nectar back home to create food for others.
– Birds (and other wildlife) will enjoy the berries as food throughout the winter as other sources become scarce.
– All this for decades.
Beauty, refuge, and food.  For a long time.  I accomplished something significant this weekend.  I want to spend time on things like this.  Significant things.  Things that matter. How about you?
Sometimes a simple act can have significance as a by-product of your good work.  Sometimes it is done with intention and thought.  Do both.  As often as possible.
What can you do this week to bring beauty, refuge, and sustenance into the life of another?
Love and peace,


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