A Beginning

A BeginningThank you for visiting this blog and for taking time to explore these thoughts on living at another level – a higher, better, more prosperous, peaceful, and successful level.  The purpose of this first entry is to tell you more about who I am and what I have planned for this blog.  I hope you find this beginning compelling enough to sign up and follow.

I am an ordinary guy who believes something extraordinary. I believe in you.  I believe that you have greatness within that needs encouragement and guidance to bring it out more fully and help you reach toward your full potential.  I also believe that you are here for a reason.  That we all have something we are meant to do.  Great or small, famous or anonymous, there is something that you came here to do.  Do you know it?  What a joy to help you figure that out – then go out and get it!

I also know that it takes a lot to get through this life and may this blog, in some small way, shed some light on what it means to live well and key distinctions I’ve discovered to help navigate through life.  I don’t have all the answers, but I’ve got a few.  And I’m learning more all the time.

So here are some defining characteristics I plan to bring out through this work:

Inspirational – I want my words to inspire you to reach for something higher, something grander, something more beautiful.   Do you have a source of uplifting words in your life to consistently re-orient you to a better way of thinking?

Unique – I want my words to bring to light something different than others. Even a standard self-help topic will include something that sheds something new on the subject.

Enriching – I want my words to give you a new richer sense of the topic. Perhaps a connection to a larger whole, to living with a sense of purpose that satisfies.

Deeper – I want my words to go deeper. Sometimes just a little, sometimes a whole heck of a lot.

Beautiful – I want my words to give you a sense of the beautiful. When the topic does that for me, I want you to see the beauty I have seen.

A little more about me.  I’ve achieved a good bit of success (see more in my about page) but I’m putting that all behind and building this new business online.  I feel like I’m starting over, but there’s a lot I can share from the past that was helpful to me and may it be helpful to you too.  Let’s learn together in this journey of heart, mind, and spirit.  I’d be honored to have you join me.    

I plan to cover a wide range of topics.  I’d also like to hear from you.  What are you trying to figure out?  What would you want to learn?  Ask and I’ll write on it.  Send your suggestions to

You can do it, I’ll help.


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